YPUK logo4Mission and Strapline: Youth Politics UK mission aims ‘to mobilise a generation of young adults to become more politically active’ ; ‘a non-partisan political group that works to have young voices heard and debates started in Parliament”

To Engage – through the vast use of social media; To Educate – by means of our website and events; To Debate – through meetings, workshops and talks from experts; To Campaign – equipped with the skills to bring about social change.

Website www.YouthPoliticsUK.org.uk

Dan Lawes

Youth-led Start-Up  Founded in 2016 by Dan Lawes aged 17, who recruited a team of his peers in Manchester as a steering/advisory. Registered as a non-project company in 2017.

Activities Include: Conference (2017), training, workshops, debates and public speaking/advisor roles by Dan Lawes; Platform for articles. Voter registration.

Reach and Impact: Twitter 429 |Facebook 450+|no published info available

Recognition: Dan Lawes Young Advocate, Democracy Awards, Cabinet Office 2018, Dan is also an #will Ambassador and Diana Legacy Award winner.

Young Voices Heard: at events and through its founder spokesperson/advocacy role

Contact Information: Through the website contact page, or Twitter account @YPUK_

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