Straplines: ‘We’re a movement of young people and charity leaders mobilising for better charity boards’ ‘Less than 3% of charity trustees are under 30 – we’re changing that’ (target is double numbers on charity boards).  Target – to double number by 2024.

Website:         Launched Oct 2019

Mission:  ‘Double the number of trustees aged 30 and under on charity boards by 2024. (while the spotlight is on the age factor, our movement is part of a wider call for diversity on boards

    • Create a norm of Boards embarking on a journey of change and realising that this also benefits all board members
    • Changing the image of what a trustee looks like, by shining a light on the impact made by young trustees.
    • Define what conditions allow for safe spaces where all young people can genuinely add their perspective.
    • Meaningfully empower organisations/existing initiatives working in this space.
    • To have an impact that serves all young people, we must have an intersectional movement. This is an ongoing process and we are keen to connect and get feedback – for more information please get in touch.
Mita Desai,             Programme Manager

Youth-led/Youth-Voice Champions: Whilst not youth-led, this is an excellent example of youthled/participation champion. The Social Change Agency which sponsors this initiative, defines a movement as not owned or led by any one organisation or individual (Young Voices Heard is also a movement with a subsidiary social enterprise offering services to support it, including pro bono support to young people). The Young Trustee Movement is coordinated and led by Mita Desai, a former Chair of the British Youth Council aged 20, and youthvoice champion and advocate.

Activities: Campaigning targeted at behaviour change in charity boards; a Digital hub for resources and signposting; Cohort learning for wannabe young trustees; a Network of all the individuals and organisations that are ready to make this a reality.

Reach/Impact: 300 pledges within weeks of launching Oct 2019. Twitter:  Facebook:

Resources: Link to guides and tips on recruiting Young Trustees to charity Boards

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