A Strong #Youthvote Is In The National Interest because..        (2/5/17)

A Strong #Youthvote Is In The National Interest because.. (2/5/17)

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A strong #youthvote turnout is in the national interest because it is a measure of the health of our democracy, an early indicator of the life-time relationship between voters and their representatives, a sign of understanding, a dividend of education and a measure of mandate. We need to nurture it, and if we feed it, it will grow to benefit us all. However, evidence suggests the trend has been in the other direction. This blog was first published at the beginning of May 2017 when the General Election had just been announced, and formed the basis for an open letter to political leaders on the day of the result in June which can be found in a referenced Paper for the Political Studies Association in February 2018. To be published but contact us for…
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