A not-for-profit network promoting greater youth participation in public life and decision-making. Scroll down for more information about us ..
Promoting youth representation and leadership
Promoting youth representation and leadership
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Advocacy / Consultancy / Training Mentoring / Evaluation
Advocacy / Consultancy / Training Mentoring / Evaluation
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About Us

th[2]“Welcome to Young Voices Heard, a not-for-profit enterprise founded in 2017 by James Cathcart, former Chief Executive of the British Youth Council and formerly Head of Target Groups/Mentoring at The Prince’s Trust. Our aim is to promote greater youth participation in society and public life.  Whether you are a young person with something to say, or someone wanting to hear it, we want to help and we want to hear from you.

Young Voices Heard recognises that whilst there has been some growth in ‘youth-led’ action and ‘youth-voice’ democratic initiatives for under 18’s, and some increase in participation by over 18’s at the ballot box, there is still much to be done to ensure those voices and votes are truly ‘heard’, recognised and acted upon. We aim to promote and share good practice about positive youth participation in society, targeting decision-makers and the media. We want society to recognise and value their contribution, not only as volunteers in local communities, but as change-makers in the boardroom and in parliament, by sharing, writing, advising, and advocating on their behalf. We want to reach out to youth-led initiatives, to connect them to each other starting out, their peers with greater experience, and to the media to recognise them. We especially want to reach those on both sides of this dialogue to those who would not otherwise get the opportunity.

What we do

amplifying youth voice ..




Our Team and Partners

James Cathcart
Director/Consultant and personal mentor
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Young experts with skills in training and research
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Young experts with experience for consultation and networking
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Professor Matt Henn, Chair Social Research, Nottingham Trent University

The presentation on youth democratic engagement to our students was spot on, getting the tone, level and balance just right for the audience. Everyone, including myself, was left with lots of really good and new ideas to reflect on

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