Hello and welcome to ‘Young Voices Heard’ . We amplify youth voice , support youth participation and empower youth leadership through mentoring, partnership working and support services.

Young Voices Heard is part ‘movement’ for change; part ‘platform’ to hear young voices; and part ‘consultancy service’ – all working to promote and support greater youth engagement in public life and organisations. We offer support to both organisations, and young people, so that more of them can be more effective changemakers, leaders, advisors, trustees,  entrepreneurs, writers, volunteers, campaigners, designers and elected representatives.

“James Cathcart and ‘YVH’ have been our mentor and Special Advisors since 2017, with input on fundraising, planning and making connections, enabling us to remain entirely youth-led. We would recommend James’ wealth of experience and networks”. Dan Lawes, CEO of Youth Politics UK

Social EnterpriseYoung Voices Heard Ltd  was launched in 2020 to enable us to operate more sustainably, undertaking both not-for-profit projects as well as commissions. Our goal is to generate surplus that can be reinvested in training and mentoring young leaders who would not otherwise access support and to recognise their success. If you want to invest in the future – please contact us [below]

The advice and continued guidance comes with great support, experience and knowledge in the field of improving opportunities for young people… a huge asset to our growth.” Carl Konadu CEO of 2-3 Degrees Ltd -Youth Led start-up in personal development and education.

YVH Services:

Organisations: Strategic Development and Planning, Fundraising, Project Management (First Steps, Consultation, Participation, Governance), Quality Assurance Audit (national standards), Review and Impact evaluation, Mentoring.

Young People: Mentoring and training support for: Youth Participation/ Forum / Advisory Council / Trustee / Design / Thinktank /Consultation.

We aim to work alongside your organisations staff, volunteers and young people, empowering them, and you, to lead, own and sustain youth youth voice, participation and leadership. We also work alongside approved delivery partner organisations, peer mentors and associates. We also support entirely youthled project – and put you in touch with your peers.

Resource Bank and Youth Voice Now are two of our platforms for promoting good practice and listening to young people.

“Listening to” (Interview with Young People In the Lead Advisory Panel @The Nat Lottery Com Fund
“Resources” – The ‘Our Scale of Involvement’ by @ProjectHope is one such #youthled resource” we use to help plan your youthvoice journey. Get on board with youthvoice and catch the bus!

To mobilise your Youth Voice potential get in touch with us. For “timetabling” and “ticketing” inquiries, send a message to James, below.

What we do

Mentoring, Interim Management, Audit




Our Team and Partners

James Cathcart
Director/Consultant and personal mentor
Young Associates
Young experts with skills in training and research
Young Advisors
Young experts with experience for consultation and networking
Delivery Partners
Approved List available to support and add value

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Latest blogs

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November 24, 2020
INTERVIEW: with the 'Young People in the Lead' advisory panel at the National Lottery Community Fund.  This group interview is the final one in our Power of You
Make Your Mark 2020, ballot open
November 24, 2020
"Have Your Say" Nov 2020, 11-18 year-olds can vote to prioritise campaigns online. This has been a challenging year for the Youth Parliament but the vote is op...
National Youth Social Action Survey 2019: Review
November 4, 2020
Findings from the latest Youth Social Action Survey (2019) show that whilst 88% young people still care about making the world a better place, and 86% agreed th...
Power of Youth Charter – Plugged In & Charging
October 6, 2020
Young Voices Heard has signed up to the Power of Youth Charter :  Five 'we will' commitments to - #prioritise opportunities for, #open up decision-making with ,

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