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“Hello and welcome to ‘Young Voices Heard’  whose aim is to promote greater youth participation in public life, amplify youth voice on issues they care about, and involve more young people in decision-making roles. We want to see more young people  empowered to be effective changemakers, leaders, and trustees. YVH is both a campaign for youthvoice and influence, and a consultancy to fund the campaign. Subscribe to get our monthly blogs, browse the website or follow us on X @YVH_YouthVoice.  The YVH platforms also share news, opportunities and good practice, including a free  Resource Bank  and Campaign4 Youth Recognition advice. Mobilise your #youthvoicenow! James

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1/”Dont just notice – nominate” About the Campaign4VoterRegistration featuring the British Citizen Youth Awards 2023 and calls on you to not just notice but nominate young people who are making an impact by getting their #youthvoice heard or taking # social action.  . For more info and links on how to nominate go to Campaign4YouthRecognition 

2/ “YouthVoice must be Heard” review of  Local Government guidance on mobilising your local #Youthvoice in councils. See blog for links and commentary on the revised Statutory Guidance on youth voice and influence in local youth services (the Education Act 1996, 507b) by the Gov’s DCMS Youth Directorate. Will it make a difference?

Mobilise Your #YouthVoice

For more information about our youthvoice support services/and to get a quote, complete the contact form or email James@youngvoicesheard.org.uk

  • YVH Services: Strategic Advice on Youth Voice and Participation to both boards, managers, officers and young people … including Training, Mentoring, Partnership, Research, Project Management.
  • Services for organisations: Strategic Development and Planning, Fundraising, Project Management (First Steps, Consultation, Participation, Governance), Quality Assurance Audit (national standards), Review and Impact evaluation, Mentoring.
  • Service to benefit Young People: Mentoring and training support: e.g. Youth Participation/ Forum / Advisory Council / Thinktank members/ Trustees / Co-Designer / Young Advisors.

We aim to work alongside your organisations staff, volunteers and young people, empowering them, and you, to lead, own and sustain youth youth voice, participation and leadership. We also work alongside approved delivery partner organisations, peer mentors and associates.

“James Cathcart and ‘YVH’ have been our mentor and Special Advisors since 2017, with input on fundraising, planning and making connections, enabling us to remain entirely youth-led. We would recommend James’ wealth of experience and networks”. Dan Lawes, CEO of Youth Politics UK

The advice and continued guidance comes with great support, experience and knowledge in the field of improving opportunities for young people… a huge asset to our growth.” Carl Konadu CEO of 2-3 Degrees Ltd -Youth Led start-up in personal development and education.

Youth Voice Training/Good Practice


Background to Young Voices Heard. Founded in 2017, by James Cathcart former Head of Target Groups and mentor at the Prince’s Trust and former CEO of the British Youth Council., Young Voices Heard was initially a free online-resource and advisory service, and continues to offers pro bono advice and volunteer ‘mentoring’ to some. In 2019 Young Voices Heard Ltd was established to manage bespoke consultancy services, to support its social mission. In 2021 YVH C.I.C. was established to offer not-for-profit project management and services and take forward plans to develop more ‘news reporting on the youthvoice sector’ and campaign for better recognition of young changemakers and their champions.

What we do

Mentoring, Project Management, Quality Assurance


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Our Team and Partners

James Cathcart
Director/Consultant and personal mentor
Young Associates
Young experts with skills in training and research
Young Advisors
Young experts with experience for consultation and networking
Delivery Partners
Approved List available to support and add value

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Latest blogs

Youth Voice and Influence in YVH Heritage Projects 2020-2023
November 21, 2023
Young Voices Heard were partners on two initiatives funded by Historic England on valuing, celebrating and protecting our heritage. The first was a social actio...
Recognition inspires – so dont just notice, nominate!
November 13, 2023
The #Campaign4YouthRecognition calls on people and organisations to make more nominations of exceptional young citizens for national recognition. The latest add...
Local #YouthVoice must be heard – New Gov Guidance reviewed
October 24, 2023
Statutory Guidance on youth voice and influence in local youth services (the Education Act 1996, 507b) has just been updated and published (Sept 23) by the Gov'...
NEWS #YouthVoice Policy Impact Study: UK Youth Parlt & Youth Policy Dev Group
July 19, 2023
The Young Engagement Impact Study  aimed to "understand participant experiences and the perceived outcomes for participants and policy making".  Are young peopl

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