“Recognition and Inclusion  are two key values and ways in which Young Voices Heard seeks to better amplify youth voice and participation in public life. inclusion.

The ‘Campaign’ is calling on people of all ages to ‘not just notice but nominate’ young people for public recognition wherever they shine in community and voluntary service. This not only includes school and local community settings, but also at a national level. I want the public (and the media) to see and hear more about the achievements of young leaders/changemakers and the value they add, especially through youth-led activities and campaigns to make a difference to all our futures.  I want to challenge the negative stereo types and labelling often put onto young people, as part of making the nations ‘youth’ a valued national asset to be invested in – not just for what they might do tomorrow, but for they are doing today.

National Recognition Examples:  Queens Honours awards,  the Pride of Britain Awards, the Diana Awards and No 10 Point of Light Awards are open to nominations. Many other organisations have awards for those they work with and for. Please let us know about your favourite award schemes.


    1.  If you agree and can support the campaign – please use the contact box below to add you name & role 
    2.  If you are an organisation pls you can send me your logo) and I shall start a list of supporting organisations who back the campaign.
    3. If you know and would recommend an award initiative please let me know about it with as much detail about who can be nominated, and whether its open to all or just for members – so that we can start a directory!”


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