Youth Recognition

Youth Recognition and Inclusion is YVH’s way of better amplifying youth voice and participation through greater recognition and inclusion in mainstream society , connect everyone with young leaders and the benefits of their youth-led activities.  This is in response to many young leaders view that they are tired of being referred to as ‘the leaders of tomorrow – we want to be the leaders of today’ and a growing unease amongst Generation Y and Z about the track record of leadership by older generations. Even when they are invited to participate or co-lead, there is concern when they cannot set an agenda, aren’t given feedback or their input is ignored. This kind of ‘participation’  might be well-meaning but not meaningful. It is perhaps worse than no participation at all because it is at best tokenistic.  Some young people want to use their youthvoice independently and equally, to call out and challenge stakeholders on the issues they are concerned about and hold ‘adults’ to account so that they can get back being children and young people.

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