Youth Voice, Youth Participation and Leadership (Top 10 YVH Recommended Resources)

1. “Our Scale” of Involvement  & ‘Dont say its Youthled when its not” by Project Hope, 2020

2. Supporting Youth Voice In Organisations, Cathcart J, YVH, 2020

3. Top Tips for Youth Voice in Organisations, YPIL Advisory Panel, National Lottery, 2020

4. Leaders of Now – iwill 2020The #iwill ambassador story 2013-2020 including ‘Learning from young ambassadors’

5. Zoom in to Youth Voice, Becko L. Sound Connections, 2018

6. Guided By Young Voices, The Roundhouse, 2017

7. Hear By Right, NYA, 2018

8. Top Tips to Involve Young People, NHS Youth Forum Poster

9. Participation Handbook, Grace and Grace, Erasmus, 2017

10. Golden Rules for Young People, Children’s Commissioner Scotland 2017


Charters, Reports, Research

1. Participation Charter 2006, CYPN & Participation Works

2. Youth Voice Charter 2020, YVH/Cathcart J.

3. Children’s Participation from Tokenism to Citizenship, Roger Hart, UNICEF 1992

4. New and Innovative forms of Participation in Decision-making processes, Crowley & Moxon, Council of Europe, 2017

5. A Seat At the Table for Everyone (Salto, Erasmus, 2019)

6. The Lundy Model of Child Participation 2007

7. Participation Models: Citizens Youth, Online 1992

8. Decision Making: Children and Young People’s Decision-Making, Scottish Govt 2020  Guidance and Research References

9. Real Decision-Making? School Councils in Action: Geoff Whitty & Emma Wisby, Institute of Education, University of London

10. Young in Decision-making – A Study on the Impacts of Youth on Adults and Organizations, Univ of Wisconsin, 2000

11. Listen and Change – A Guide to Children and Young People’s Participation Rights, Participation Works 2003

12. Children’s Participation in Decision-making Ireland 

13. Good Youth Employment Charter  Youth Emp UK, 2016-2020 sign up earns you a ‘Youth Friendly Badge’ 

Directories of Resources

1. Decision Making: Children and Young People’s Decision-Making, Scottish Govt 2020  Guidance and Research References

2. Directory of Covid19 views: RCPCH, 2020

3. SALTO Participation in democracy/information and links across Europe 2020  Youth Participation Archives – Salto (

National Youth Forums (a selection waiting to be reviewed)

Bank of England Youth Forum managed by The British Youth Council

Additional Resources awaiting review – Direct Links

International Articles