Young Leaders, CEOs, Trustees, Participation Leads and Campaigner leads

Young Voices Heard offers a range of support services to both organisations and young people. Mentoring is one of those services, stand-alone or part of a broad range of support to your youth participation strategy. (We also audit, assess and develop strategies).

What is YVH Mentoring? It is the provision of personal support, assistance and encouragement within the context of an agreed professional and structured relationship, with set goals over a period of time. A mentee can expect to be heard, access advice, be signposted information, and introduced to networks and other resources to take forward learning and personal development. YVH mentoring prioritises listening over coaching. Through sharing experiences and exploring options its aim is to make available informed choices to the mentee. Sessions include reflection, goal setting and a review of progress, and can be targeted  to occur at times of transition or before and after key events (e.g. a trustee board meeting). Sessions are confidential within safeguarding guidance, and either take place in a public place, or via social media, with the option of email support. Boundaries and expectations are customised and agreed at the start, and records of mentor meeting are kept and shared.


Who is Mentoring for?  One-to-one for young people aged 18-25 who are: Trustees, CEOs, Campaigners, and/or organisation leads responsible for youth participation, consultation, or support – from CEO to Project Lead.



Who are our Mentors? – James Cathcart is our principle mentor at YVH where he has been mentoring young people and projects for four years. He was a volunteer mentor for the Queens Young Leader programme and before that at the Prince’s Trust where he was trained and volunteered as a mentor for seven years. He also worked full time at the Prince’s Trust Headquarters developing and rolling out a national mentoring programme. He prepared its procedures, training materials and quality assurance framework.  James is also a qualified social worker and youth-worker registered with the Medway Youth Service with a current Enhanced Disclosure Barring check.

Who is this aimed at?  Organisations willing to empower meaningful youth participation and engagement; Young People who are learning about their role, and starting out and wanting more training and support; organisation Leads/Specialists, Chairs and CEOs responsible to developing or implementation a youth participation strategy; in both civil society organisations, public, voluntary and commercial organisations.

Interim Management

Following an initial assessment Young Voices Heard can offer to Project Manage your participation strategy development and/or delivery on an interim basis, with and for young people/young employees or volunteers – from start-up to completion, including fundraising, funder relationship and reports, and training, induction and handover to your team. A follow up support through mentoring is an option.

Stage 1 – Scoping terms of reference and purpose

Stage 2 – Recruiting/Meeting Young Representatives/Volunteers – steering group

Stage 3 – Fundraising (if required) / Partnership / Delivery

Stage 4 – Training, Induction and Handover to internal staff

Stage 4 – Evaluation/ Benchmarking / report with outcomes

Stage 5 – Celebrating success and impact

Stage 6 – Ongoing support/mentoring

Cost – Organisations should contact YVH to discuss fees/contract. YVH is a social enterprise with a public purpose /benefit and can accommodate a small number of pro bono/sponsored mentoring places for young people who are starting their own enterprise. YVH can also advise or undertake fundraising to support your project as part of the service.

Sponsors – We are looking for new sponsors and partners to help us deliver these services to young people  independent youth-led startups – especially mentoring for young trustees and start. Please Contact us for a discussion: