Activity and Services:

Advocacy, Consultancy, Training, Mentoring and Evaluation


  • Young voices heard in decision-making, consultation, scrutiny, and governance
  • Recognition of youth voice and celebration of success
  • Goals achieved by young participants and organisations
  • Shared skills and experience
  • Good practice standards shared

Beneficiaries and Clients

  • Young people aged: 16/17; 18-24; 25-30, in the UK and worldwide
  • Decision-makers, champions, change-makers, and commissioners in the private, public and voluntary sector.

Either groups can be the beneficiaries or the clients as both young people and either can approach Young Voices Heard for help. Young people may want help to get their voices heard and others may want help to hear them


The aim of the initiative is to target: communities; boardrooms, and democracy. This can cover a broad range of activity such as sport and the arts as well as politics. It can take place in a range of sectors and settings, from reporting by the media to consultation by Government.


  • A Board wants to recruit young people to its governance.
  • A  Youth-led initiative wants advice on fundraising, strategy of communications.
  • A Parliament wants to increase youth participation in democracy.
  • An Young leader wants to amplify their reach and impact.
  • A Policy maker wants to consult
  • A Campaign wants to get their message heard.
  • A Reporter wants to hear what young people have to say.

Young Voices Heard offers an assessment of your needs with the option to commission:

  • Training, Mentoring, Consultancy and Support
  • Advocacy, Recruitment, Fundraising, Communications
  • Strategy, Policy, Review and Evaluation
  • Research, consultation and recommendations
  • Assessment against minimum standards, Sharing good practice

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