Young Voices Hears is a not for profit platform promoting and supporting greater youth participation in public life through mentoring, networking, reporting and recognition of young changemakers and their champions. (*Additional support services available through a social enterprise trading company including mentoring, strategic advice, training and management support)

Vision: A future where young people play a fuller part in society, realising their full potential and participating in, informing, and influencing the shape or their world, now and for tomorrow.

Mission: To provide a range of services in support of both young people and those wanting to involve them – in the organisations, communities, boardrooms, parliament and the media.

Values: Empowerment, Integrity, Inclusion, Curtesy, Passion, Reflection, Learning, Sharing, Tolerance, Persistence, Recognition and Inspiration.


  1. To encourage, educate and support young leaders to make a difference to their communities and themselves, whether by working together or and in partnership with older people.
  2. To offer support to organisations willing to empower young people to realise their personal vision, both youth-led and in partnership with existing organisations, ranging from providing entrepreneurial opportunities, to activities that challenge injustice and inequality.
  3. To support greater and quality youth participation in decision-making in organisations and public life.
  4. To raise standards and share good practice
  5. To recognise and communicate the work of the above to peers, communities and decisionmakers
  6. To connect and network allies in all age groups to be self-sustaining, empowering and non-dependent on any central control, but embrace these vision mission and values.

Objectives and Opportunities

  1. To support more young leaders into positions of power and influence – in organisations, communities and society
  2. To support a number of organisations to integrate youth voice and participation in their structures.
  3. To support young leaders to be independent and equal stakeholders in society.
  4. To mentor or network all-age leaders, boosting confidence, reflecting on experience, realising vision and unlocking potential
  5. To broker networking, where a problem shared is solution explored with fresh perspective and team skills, including networking with and between decisionmakers and all-age groups.
  6. To develop quality assurance good practice standards that have been informed and influenced by young leaders.
  7. To offer a range of support services in support of quality – Assessment, Project Management, Fundraising, Quality Assurance, Training and Development.
  8. To provide a platform and recognition of young leaders through nomination for awards, reporting good practice, story-telling and personal testimony – online, twitter, local media or promoting ‘stories on social media’


  1. Information, through education, research to inform young people’s decisions and course of action
  2. Skill development, in writing, media, speaking, making a case, decision-making and setting priorities
  3. Introductions to decision-makers, and to the spaces where decisions are made (boardrooms, school councils, youth councils, government and community groups)
  4. Pathway clearing and removing obstacles to ensure young people have equal opportunities to have a say and be well received
    • Young Voices Heard       – 2017 Platform/Resources/Volunteering (Sharing, Networking, Good Practice)
  •      *Young Voices Heard Ltd  – 2020 Social Enterprise bespoke consultancy and pro bono work (Consultancy/Project Management)
  •      *Youth Voice Heard CIC    –  2021 Social Enterprise not-for-profit restricted funding (Education, Training, Mentoring)
    • Social Enterprise Statement