Young Voices Heard promotes greater youth participation in public life and organisations. Throughout 2020 its website provided a platform for young voices and their issues through a series of interviews and articles. Here are our top four most read blogs and Editors pick of 2020, and an index of the others with our Editors Recommended Reads (RR).  This is one of two January posts. The next will be looking forward to 2021. See you there. James Cathcart (Ed)

No1 #YouthVoice Interview with champion changemaker Katrina Lambert (19) – one of our series of interviews with youth voice champions, talking to James Cathcart about her journey and hopes for the future. We also asked what advice she would give to young people starting out and to older people listening. June 2020.

#YouthVoiceNow: Interview with Katrina Lambert (19) #iwill ambassador, trustee at ‘Volunteering Matters’, and member of ‘Youth for Change’

No 2 #Open Letter to the Prime Minister from over 130 young and old leaders, calling on the Government to talk to young people directly about Covid, following the lead of a number of other countries. Young Voices Heard also called on the media to speak to more young leaders. May 2020

Open Letter to PM, ‘Its time to talk to young people about Covid’

No 3 #Review of PMs video address to school-leavers ‘Buckets of cold water will be poured on your ideas .. but never, never, never give in..” This review and analysis of the PMs video address to the class of 2020 leaving school during the pandemic, includes the video and full text. July 2020

“Buckets of Cold Water will be poured on your ideas!” PM : Video, Text, Analysis

No 4 #YouthVoice Interview with activist and commentator Dan Lawes (19) who founded YouthPoliticsUK at the age of 17. For other interviews see menu below. June 2020.

#YouthVoiceNow interview – with Dan Lawes (19) activist, #iwill ambassador and founding CEO of YouthPoliticsUK

Editors Pick  #10 Steps to Youth Participation in organisations – good practice based on research and interviews with young people, which were updated later in the year to shape Young Voices Heard’s charter 2020 and quality assurance framework. Aug 20  | See Resources | See Services.

#YouthVoice in organisations: 10 steps to good practice


                  OTHER BLOGS and NEWS from 2020 , in date order |  Editors Recommended Read -“RR”

Jan 20 Do Something Amazing for Someone Amazing – Nominate Youth 2020 (review of the history of Queens Honours for young people) – will be updated Jan 2021

Feb 20 Should the Voting Age be Lowered? – parked? paused? review of the campaign

Feb 20 The Challenge of Youth Power: from silent service to Youth Voice Leading

Feb 20 Youth Participation Quality Mark Project 2020 – launch of Young Voices Heard’s 2020 quality project to establish a youthled charter and framework

May 20 #YouthVoice on Covid – Who’s listening? – a review of the opportunities (lack of them) for every voice to be heard on Covid19

May 20 Youth at the Table – the Young Trustees Movement, YVH Director James C reflects on the campaign to increase youth representation in the boardroom, one of our founding goals.

May 20 YouthVoice Interview – Harry Twohig (19 RR

May 20 Open letter to PM – See Top Five

June 20 YouthVoice Interview – Katrina Lambert – See Top Five, RR

June 20 Youth Voice Interview – Dan Lawes – See Top Five, RR

July 20 YouthVoice Interview – Gabrielle Mathews (22) RR

July 20 PM’s video address to school leavers – See Top Five

Aug 20 YouthVoice Interview – Patrick Cantellow (21) RR

Aug 20 Ten Steps to Youth Participation – See Editors Pick, RR

Sept 20 Pupil Voice and Covid 19 -learning lessons on how to get heard and acted upon.

Sept 20 Youth Participation Charter 2006 – reviewed, 14 years on. RR

Oct 20 The Power of Youth Charter – plugged in and charging, the #iwill campaign’s legacy.

Nov 20 Social Action Survey 2019 – final report of the StepUpToServe / iwill campaign – lessons learned from #iwill 2021.

Nov 20 Make Your Mark 2020 – ballot open, top 10 issues on the ballot from the UK Youth Parliament.

Dec 20 YouthVoice Interview – ‘Young People in the Lead’ at the Nat Lottery ,  group interview including advice to organisations on youth participation. RR

Dec 20 YouthVoice Interview – Kianna Leader (22) RR

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